What is a Training & Development Credit (TDC)TM?

A Training & Development Credit (TDC)TM is a unit of measure based on quality standards. TDCsTM serve educational providers to qualify and quantify a variety of training and development activities in adult education. This specialized and standardized form of credit can easily be converted into academic credit. Each TDCTM represents 15 hours of learning in an organized, controlled and competency-based training, learning or developmental activity.

Training & Development Credits (TDCs)
TM can be earned through the following:
  • Training seminars and workshops
  • Self-paced online courses
  • Instructor-led online courses
  • Directed, independent self-study

Who owns the Training & Development Credit (TDC)TM?

The Accrediting Alliance for Training and Development is the keeper and standardizing agent for the TDCTM. All the rights and the trademark are owned by the Institute of Training and Development.

What are the Benefits of Training & Development Credits (TDCs)TM?

  • Increased credibility of your institute
  • Highly visible commitment to quality
  • Measurable benchmark for your customers
  • Professional learning acknowledgement for your participants
  • World-wide recognized unit of measure
  • Competency-based standards for different learning formats
  • Professional documentation of learning experiences

How can a training professional become approved to award TDCsTM?

To be able to award TDCsTM, the training professional must be an accredited member of AATD. Membership is granted upon successful completion of the accreditation process.

Who keeps the permanent records of the TDCsTM?

Each member is responsible for keeping TDCTM records in accordance with the AATD standards. In addition to the records kept by the member, the Accrediting Alliance for Training and Development (AATD) maintains an international register for all TDCsTM issued.

What differentiates CEUs from TDCsTM?

The generic Continuing Education Unit (CEU) represents 10 contact hours in seminars or workshops. CEUs are in most cases not accepted for conversion into academic credit.

The TDCsTM are based on standards equivalent to those for academic credit. Therefore, the admissions departments of colleges and universities can easily evaluate the TDCsTM and assign academic credit.

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